YouTube Channels We Love

Our team members at CompassRed are always taking in new information that improves their professional and personal lives. With so much content available across the internet, we wanted to take a moment to share our favorites with you.

Here’s a list of the YouTube channels we can’t get enough of…

Thomas Frank

Submitted by Ben Kates

I’ve been enjoying this YouTube channel; primarily the videos are focused on productivity. I learned about the pomodoro timer from one of the videos, and it’s changed how I approach my everyday workflow.

Matt D’Avella

Submitted by Pat Strickler

Matt is a minimalist who explains the value of simplifying your life and focusing on what matters. His content has helped me tremendously in my personal and professional life with everything from removing unnecessary distractions to maximizing the value I get out of every interaction.

Rick Beato Live

Submitted by Jeff Headley

Rick is a musician who makes learning music theory super fun.  He has a clear way of explaining what’s happening beneath the music you’re listening to.  One of his popular segments is called “What makes this song so great?”. He takes a popular song and strips it down layer by layer to help you better understand the musical forces at work. I always find something new to appreciate about the songs I love.

Runner(s) Up: SciShow

David Robinson

Submitted by Ryan Harrington

David is the Chief Data Scientist at DataCamp and puts together a weekly Tidy Tuesday screencast. Lots of great analyses that help you to better understand how an expert might approach a data problem.


Submitted by Tom Flatley

If you do anything with SQL Server, or data science in general, this is an excellent, essential resource with hours of demos/webinars/etc across multiple tracks.


Submitted by Neha Khanna

Vox is a media powerhouse and their videos are unbelievably good. This channel is a millennial approach to journalism where news is not only delivered but its causes and impacts are also explained in a rather short amount of time. Having a back story and knowing the impact of 'news stories'. Having said that, their explainer videos are also pretty stylistic. Their content keeps me engaged and increases retention. It also helps me start a healthy debate with other informed individuals. It is a form of informative/educational journalism.

Casey Neistat

Submitted by Pooja Kaji

Casey’s ability to provide a glimpse of the world around him is quite amazing; whether it’s his life, professional events, or even small moments. Through his camera cuts and strange angles coupled with his bold and humorous personality, Casey has helped me get through so many phases in my life. 

Nas Daily Official

Submitted by Vinod Balraj

This guy Nas goes around the world and explains about a country’s culture, food and living in 1 minute. There are some videos where he explained how the citizens of a country work together to recycle trash and produce a useful product out of it.  This helped me to understand various culture and also the teamwork of thoughtful and committed citizens.

Thomas Heaton

Submitted by Eugene Olkhov

Thomas Heaton is a photographer based out of the UK who does a lot of traveling and documents his process of taking landscape photos in a very captivating way. He has changed the way I view landscape photography, and has taught me to slow down and think when taking photos, which carries over to my everyday tasks.

Runner(s) Up: MrMobile [Michael Fisher]

Neil Hershman

Submitted by Patrick Callahan

While I was learning to fly, I needed to see someone who was going through some of the same things I was doing. This guy had it all and hit every single pitfall I was experiencing. I haven't seen him flying that much any more. So I stopped too.