With billions of data points out there waiting to be analyzed, we believe there’s no limit to what we can unlock and achieve.


We live for venturing into the unknown and taking the path less chosen. We know the best solutions lie deep within the data-verse and are waiting to be discovered.

We recognize that data can be an intimidating and overwhelming world to step into - we’re here to help, provide guidance and deliver value. 


Our Offering

We assist our clients in the following ways:


Data Strategy
& Readiness

We develop and execute a strategic plan for unlocking value from your data, identifying potential cost savings, risks, emerging consumer needs and new product and service opportunities in the process.

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We define customer segmentations, develop “Netflix-like” product recommendations and provide deep insight surrounding how consumers are engaging with your digital properties.

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Operational effectiveness

We build bespoke models designed to accurately forecast and optimize product availability, visualizing this data in a clear and impactful way.

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Predictive Science
& algorithms

From anomaly detection to trend prediction, we use data to identify outliers, patterns and emerging opportunities on behalf of your business.

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Our TrueNorth platform enables you to unlock actionable insights from your data on an ongoing basis. The platform is designed to autonomously retrieve, ingest and analyze multiple data sources, delivering value against a number of core business objectives.

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