Our Team

With more than 80+ years combined experience across our senior management team, we’ve championed key data and insight initiatives across every industry channel and vertical to date.


Working at CompassRed

At CompassRed, we love to work hard - but also recognize the importance of the moments in between. Whether it’s a local volunteering event or a happy hour to celebrate our latest milestone, CompassRed values the human element of what we do.

And humans want to be inspired!  That’s why we’ve designed our workspace to reflect our unique sense of community.  You’ll enjoy a range of cool and eclectic elements; from bicycles, electric scooters and stand-up desks to music and guitars that reflects the spirit and diverse nature of our team.

All you need to know is that two of our most popular Slack channels are called “Phrase of the Day” and “Band Names”.


Interested in joining our team?

We’re always looking for great talent to explore the data-verse with us. Send your resume to: careers@compassred.com for the opportunity to get involved.


Patrick Callahan

Patrick is one of the founders of CompassRed. Fascinated by how data can change decisions, directions, and lives - Patrick combined his past experiences in consulting and agency life to help set the current direction of CompassRed. Patrick operates his life from the philosophy that the only thing he knows is that he doesn’t know. What gets him out of bed every morning is the dream of a day with his co-workers full of learning and laughter.

He loves a morning run through the woods, a Sunday morning read, and the dream of sailing with a steady wind.

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Darren Mahoney

Darren is one of the founders of CompassRed, heading up our analytics team. Passionate about the intersection of data, technology and consumer behavior, Darren enjoys building world class teams that tackle big challenges for our clients. He is a big believer that “analytics is a team sport”. He has spent the majority of his career working in marketing and operations for financial services, leading consumer brands and e-commerce companies.

When he’s not in the office talking analytics, you can find him on a lacrosse field coaching and building the next generation of players.

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Aru Deshmukh

Aru leads the business development in the industrial and manufacturing space. She loves building and working with teams to solve the problems that brings value to the organization. Her personal tagline is “always on point and have fun”.

She is an early morning gym rat and a soccer fan. But mostly she likes to travel the world seeking the next great meal.

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Jeff Headley

Jeff leads our client service efforts at CompassRed. He lives by a simple mantra, “leave it better than you found it”. From his first paper route to his global data & analytic roles, Jeff strives to improve himself and everyone around him every day. He LOVES helping companies tap into the power of their data to create innovative new products, drive revenue, customer experiences, and operational efficiencies.

When he’s not trying to change the world through data, you can find him getting muddy on his mountain bike or annoying the neighbors with his guitar playing.

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Bob Dawes

Bob is one of the founders of CompassRed and leads our Enterprise Systems and Business Intelligence practice. He has worn many hats in his career from project management to consulting to large scale systems design and rollout. Bob has a passion for the modern, in-memory, associative data engines which makes building interactive dashboards relatively easy and fun!

Bob lives in the same house where he grew up. He has raised three wonderful children there with his wife Jodi. He enjoys music and according to him "can play piano moderately well, am mediocre to weak on the guitar, and just picked up a plectrum banjo which I’m truly terrible on.”

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Michael Black

Michael is one of the co-founders of CompassRed, responsible for all revenue generation processes and customer service levels at CompassRed. Michael is passionate about the “white-glove” Service Delivery framework he has developed over his career. He focuses his energy on growing healthy partnerships with our customers where long-term value is his North Star.

When Michael is not in the office or at client sites, he is a pilot and enjoys extensive travel with his family. When not traveling, he enjoys coaching soccer for his children.

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Ryan Harrington

Ryan leads our Data Science team, always looking for ways to better lift insights and tell stories from data. Ryan became a data scientist because he was driven by an insatiable desire to solve problems and explore solutions. He constantly draws on his experience as a high school math teacher, which he uses today to help make some of the complexities of data science simple and relatable for our clients.

Ryan loves to solve and explore outside of work as well. He spends most of his free time working on Open Data Delaware, a civic technology community in Delaware that he founded and organizes. When he has a free moment, he loves understanding the world through travel - from Zion to Zanzibar.

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Pat Strickler

Pat leads the Analytics practice at CompassRed. Whether it's in the form of sales projections, ad metrics, or digital touch-points, Pat has spent his career interpreting and analyzing data. With a passion for data-driven decision making and a knack for data storytelling, Pat strives to ensure that his clients always have the best insights available to them in a format that is easy to interpret and encourages action. When he is not in the office, you can likely find Pat managing his massive collection of LEGO sets and other random toys, which he buys and sells on Ebay.

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Juan Sostre

Juan is an Enterprise Architect at CompassRed. He enjoys working with teams to build systems using best practices. He also enjoys working with people through challenges in Network, Security, or Infrastructure.

Outside of work Juan can be found walking his dog, taking pictures, cooking meals on Saturday mornings for the homeless, or dancing Salsa/Bachata outdoors when possible.

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Ben Kates

Ben is a member of our Data Analytics team and loves helping teams make data-informed decisions, automating reports, and creating data tools. Before CompassRed, Ben started his career as an Ecommerce Analyst focused on all things Google Analytics. He later expanded to site personalization and testing; he united customers' digital behavior data with product supply/demand information to give his partners a new perspective on their ecommerce business.

In his free time, Ben likes creating musical loops and sampling old vinyl records in Ableton Live.

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Eugene Olkhov

Eugene is a member of our Data Science team, and loves manipulating and modeling data. Tapping into his eclectic experience from psychology and business, Eugene enjoys thinking about the "why?", and how can he make a difference in our clients' practices.

When Eugene isn't found behind a bunch of code, he can be found behind his camera. Eugene's camera pushes him to explore and find new places in the city and in nature so that he can capture and share how he sees the world.

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Pooja Kaji

Pooja is our Interaction Design Intern this summer from the University of Virginia who plans to double major in computer science and business. She is exploring the Javascript library D3JS to help create bolder, more diverse, and more interactive data visualizations in web browsers. Her passion for exploring new programming languages and solving complex problems is what drew her to CompassRed.

In her free time, you can catch Pooja at the gym or the tennis courts. She also loves to travel and explore different cultures.

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Neha Khanna

Neha joined as one of the Data Scientist Summer Interns. She believes that in today's world, there is a strong need for specialized professionals who can combine their technical proficiency with business acumen to glean critical insights from data.In view of this, her experience from MS in Business Analytics, Drexel University, makes her passionate about extracting meaning and interpreting data.

She loves to start her day early and enjoys morning workouts. At the same time, she is a foodie and enjoys cooking too.

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Vinod Balraj

Vinod is our summer intern from Drexel University pursuing Masters in Business Analytics. He had a quite diverse background from being a production support engineer to an automation test analyst. Over the years he developed a passion to use technology for solving business problems which led him into data science.

Though his previous professions were contrast to each other, he picked up problem solving, programming and client interaction skills from them to support his data science aspirations. At CompassRed, he is constantly learning and working to create models and derive actionable insights from data.

In his free time, he explores different places and also likes to go on adventures.